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You didn't stumble upon this site by accident, you were looking to make changes in your own life. I'm here to help you be the best version of yourself.   

Whether you're a nurse practitioner, vegan, entrepreneur or none of the above, I know that you'll find some great information on this site to help you start living that Rockstar Life that you're meant to have. 


I was drawn to healthcare after living in Cameroon, Central Africa for two years. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer and spent a lot of time in the local hospitals. I saw patients living in horrible conditions and these images changes my life forever.  I almost went to law school when I returned back to the US, however, my course corrected and I found my NP path. I've spent most of my NP career in primary care, though have done urgent care as well. I spent two years working in Hawaii at community health center before making my way back to the mainland. 


I currently work taking care of patients within a major media company here in NYC. I'm also an adjunct faculty at a local nursing school. My goal is to help the future generation of NPs thrive and not just survive the way I did. 

 I'm also a registered yoga teacher and love integrating yoga and holistic therapy into my medical practice. I also advocate for a plant-based diet with my patients as I know how crucial plant-based eating is to the overall health of your body.  I've worked with thousands of individuals helping them create happier and healthier lives. I'd love to get to know you better to see how I can help you. Sign up for my email list or email doctornadiasantana@gmail.com to schedule a consult. 

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