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A Quick Guide to Ordering Vegan at Domino’s

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Craving a vegan pizza? We've got you covered!

Photograph by Francis Dean @123rf.com

Most vegans I know love pizza, myself included. And why should we have to give up our love just because we’re vegan? There are many great vegan pizza brands out there, though this article will be focused on ordering vegan pizza (as well as other dishes) at Domino’s. With their low prices, easy online ordering system, and fast delivery, ordering a tasty vegan dish to your home is a very simple process!

Crust: At the time that this article was written the only vegan crust at Domino’s is their thin crust as the rest contain dairy. Hopefully as the vegan movement progress, all their crusts will be vegan in the future!

Sauce: Domino’s tomato-based sauce and barbeque sauce are vegan. Domino’s marinara and Alfredo sauces contain dairy, so avoid them.  I usually order extra sauce and I haven’t been charged for it when I do!

Toppings: All topping at Domino’s excluding meat, anchovies, and cheese are vegan. Once I get the pizza home I’ll usually add a vegan cheese to make it extra delicious

Salads: Two of Domino’s three salads can be converted into vegan-friendly. Check out their Chicken Apple Pecan salad minus the cheese and chicken. You can also order their Classic Garden salad without the croutons or cheese. As far as dressing goes you can choose between their balsamic, Italian, and Catalina dressings. Their Caesar and ranch dressings are not vegan.

Pasta: Domino’s penne pasta is vegan, though you’ll need to get it without sauce since as stated above their marinara and Alfredo sauces contain dairy. You’ll also have to order the pasta without the bread bowl since this also contains dairy.

Sandwiches: Domino’s artisan bread is vegan-friendly. I love their Mediterranean Veggie sandwich minus the cheese.

Drinks: Fortunately for us vegans, all drinks at Domino’s are vegan, enjoy!

Sides: Although there are many side dishes on the menu, none of these can be made vegan.

Dipping Sauces: Mango habanero, barbeque, Italian, hot buffalo sauce, and garlic sauce are all vegan!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this quick guide to ordering vegan at Domino’s. Hopefully in the not too distant future they will be rolling out some vegan-friendly options!

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