• Nadia Santana

Are you interested in starting a business as a nurse practitioner?

As a nurse practitioner and a business owner I love that I can combine two of my passions into one! Business is a great way to follow your dreams, get tax benefits, and create the life you want. Many people tell me they aren't entrepreneurs, however, for those of you that are, I've got some great tips for you to start your business. And, if you want more details on running a business I suggest you join the membership today as next month's content is all about starting your own business!

First off, decide what business you want to run. This is incredibly important as it will affect everything you do. A few years back I put my heart and soul (and a lot of money) into a telemedicine business. After months of hard work, once the business actually launched I realized it was not the business I wanted for myself. So make sure that the business you decide is right for you. This isn't a step to go through quickly! I also want you to know that your business does not have to be NP-related, you can choose any field you like.

Create an entity. Depending on your business you may want to run it as a sole proprietor or create an LLC. You can speak to your accountant about this. Basically one involves getting a tax ID and affords you asset protection (LLC), while the other does not. However, for both you will need a separate business account to run all your transactions through.

Develop your brand and produce content. This is important as it's a way to attract potential clients and also shows the world who you are. You want to develop your platform which includes your email list, social media sites, and website. You want to make sure all content is consistent with the message you're giving off to the world. If you don't stay on brand you may confuse your audience. 

Create a team. This does not need to happen right away, but eventually you'll want to create a team which consists of an accountant, a lawyer, and maybe support staff such as IT, customer support, and social media strategist. They can be contractors or employees, your business revenue will determine this!

Keep going. You'll inevitably hit challenges, however, if you want your business to be a success you need to be persistent. Growing a business is a lot of hard work,  but if you love what you do and are determined to succeed, you will!

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