• Nadia Santana

Are you Living your Truth?

I've recently been asking myself if I'm living a life that's in alignment with my inner beliefs, also known as my truths.  It's been something that I think about often, and I wanted to share this concept with you as I think that living a life that is in alignment with your truth is incredibly important to living a fulfilled life.  Now, you may be wondering, what exactly does it mean to live my truth? 

Ask yourself the following question: am I living a life on the outside the goes hand in hand with how I feel on the inside? If no, read on!

For me, I think for the most part the answer is yes.  I am living a life that's aligned with my inner beliefs.  However, I'm continuously making tweaks on a daily basis to further put my inner and outer worlds on the same page. Most recently I've been doing this by taking the steps necessary to move away from my day job so I can focus more on my business. 

So I challenge you to also do the same, and really reflect if your internal beliefs are in alignment with your external life. Make an inventory of your inner beliefs and what you hold important to you. Does this add up with how you are living your life externally? Below are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you along the way. 

Do my relationships reflect the person I want to be? Remember, the people you surround yourself with have a direct effect on your life. It's good to take an inventory of the people in your life as there may be some toxic relationships that need to be severed.  It can be difficult to let some people go, but if they're not helping you, chances are they're hurting you. 

Is my job in alignment with my beliefs? If your job is in direct contrast from your inner beliefs (ie you're a vegan working at a butcher shop!), then I suggest you start to look for a position which is more in alignment with what you value. 

Am I doing something I truly love? Now this is a big one for most people as they are scared to leave their current position out of fear of losing money. I get it, it's tough, and sometimes it takes a huge leap of faith to make this happen. However, this doesn't have to be done overnight. You can take little baby steps daily to find a career that you love, and which is in direct alignment with your truth. 

What is missing in my life so I can better live my truth? Is there anything else that you need to add to your life to better life your truth? This may be exercise, a spiritual practice, or perhaps more self-care. 

Self-Reflection can be challenging, but it's truly a way to growth. And if we're not growing we're dying, and who wants to die when there's so much more life to live?

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