• Nadia Santana

Finding the Right Fit Job

Recently I've been getting a lot of emails about the job market.

I hear you, you're frustrated trying to find a job that you'll enjoy, but not having much luck getting hired. If you haven't yet read last week's email, I encourage you to check it out as it offers many great tips on finding a job.

Although the market may be challenging for a time in your area, this isn't forever. I encourage you to not take a job that isn't the right fit for you. Unless you are a brand new grad and have no other options at the moment, it's best to be very judicious in finding a job that is right for you.

So what do I mean by finding the right fit job? I mean a job that is right for YOU. It's trusting your gut when you know that the position you're interviewing for is not meant for you. If it's not right for you, chances are you won't enjoy what you're doing, thus you may soon be on the market for a new job in the near future. I've taking plenty of positions that were not right for me and I ended up not enjoying them because of it. Please do not make the same mistakes I did! I talk about finding the right fit job extensively within the membership as well, as I believe that this is the most important factor when deciding to take the position or not.

This concept of finding the right fit job happened to be the other day actually. I had a job interview for a new position that I had just applied for. Prior to the interview I had a phone conversation with the owner and got a good vibe. However, when I went in for the interview I had a gut reaction telling me "this is not the job for you." Although the job was great on paper, because it didn't feel right, I ended up turning it down.

However, when I did decide to trust my gut and have faith that something better would come along, voila the next day I had an influx of good news for my business and also had two more interviews scheduled. SCORE!

Sometimes it's just a small shift in the energy you put out into the universe that will make all the difference. I changed my energy from fear that this would be the only position available, to confidence that something better would come around, and it did.

Best of luck on the job hunt!

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