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Getting Hired as a Nurse Practitioner

Updated: Jun 7

Recently I've seen numerous posts within NP groups and on social media about the "over saturation" of the NP market. Many people are having a hard time finding work, and some have been looking since they graduated almost a year ago! I'm sure this must be very discouraging, but for me, I haven't found getting hired to be an issue. If anything, I've found an abundance of NP positions available. So I'm sharing what I've learned from the market and have compiled several tips to help you if you're in search of a job.

Look within. If you're having a hard time finding a job, is it possible this is because of your own negative outlook and attitude? I believe in the Law of Attraction, essentially that "like attracts like." Essentially if you're thinking thoughts such as "I'll never get a job" or "the market is too saturated" thus this is the experience you will receive. So be positive, as negativity will only hinder your progress. I also suggest that you visualize the job like you already have it. Imagine what it will be like each day at work, plan what you'll wear, the resources you'll use, and the patients you'll see.  If this is the reason that you're not getting work, most likely if you make some changes in your thought patten, the job offers will start to come in!

Lack of experience. If you're a new grad and are unable to get work due to lack of experience this can be very discouraging. I remember when I was a new grad that this was a point of frustration as many jobs I saw indicated you needed to have experience.  I suggest that you focus on applications that state they are "open to new grads" and do not apply to any job that says "no new grads." Although you may have to take a job that may not be ideal,  you can gain this crucial experience.  Once you've got a little experience under your belt you will have more options available to you in the future. If you really cannot find work due to lack of experience, then you may need to volunteer for a bit to gain some experience. 

Look outside of your geographical location. If you live in a rural area, you may have to look outside your geographical location to find work.  This may mean commuting for the time being until something pops up in your area. This will also help you gain experience if you're a new graduate. 

Network. If you have NP friends in the area go ahead and reach out to them to see if they know anyone is hiring. This is a great way to find jobs that may not necessarily be posted to the public.

Have your resume professionally looked at. Chances are your resume could use some updating as well as professional review. If you are having trouble finding work, hiring someone to professionally review your resume could be just what you need to snag that job. 

Contact organizations where you're interested in working. If there is an organization where you'd love to work, reach out to them even if they have no jobs available. Offer to go in to shadow an NP to see what working there would be like. Chances are, if you introduce yourself to the hiring staff and show you are really interested in that organization, they will contact you once a position becomes available. 

I hope these few tips have helped you and that you will find soon be hiring into the job of your dreams!

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