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Cruelty-Free Shoes

Keep the fashion and spare the cruelty with some of these great cruelty-free shoes!

Photo by Tatiana Chekryzhova ©123rf.com

As a vegan, you may have found it challenging to find shoes which are cruelty-free, meaning they do not contain any animal ingredients. With many shoes made of leather, and others containing animal fur, how can you be sure that your shoes are vegan-friendly? Never fear, because we here at Vegantana have got you covered! Below is a list of a few brands which offer cruelty-free as well as fashionable footwear.

Veja is a brand stemming from France. Although not all of their shoes are vegan, they actually have a special line of vegan shoes.If you’re looking for a casual pair of comfortable shoes, check out Tom’s vegan styles.

Avesu is a vegan shoe company which carries both men’s and women’s shoes. With their wide variety of options, make sure this is one company you check out if you’re in the need for shoes.

Matt & Nat is a vegan brand from Canada which specializes in men and women’s shoes. They also make bags and sunglasses. They’ve got a ton of great shoes for just about any occasion and their bags are incredibly stylish.

Mooshoes, stemming from NYC with a location also in LA is a “vegan-owned business” which sells a plethora of shoes, bags, and accessories.

T.U.K Footwear also has a vegan-friendly line of shoes. You can check out the collection here.

If you want to check out several different vegan companies you can visit Vegan Chic which showcases a plethora of vegan brands. Aside from shoes, they also have bags and accessories. They offer discounts for members.


Aside from the list of brands above, you can find vegan-friendly shoes at many shoe stores, you just have to be extra careful about checking what they are made from which is usually on the inner tongue. However, I’ve found many shoes that don’t actually have this information readily available. If so, it’s best to check with a sales associate to ensure they are vegan-friendly. Happy shoe shopping!

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