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Men’s Cruelty-Free Fashion

Don't worry guys, we've got you covered too!

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With the growing number of vegans, there has been an increase in cruelty-free clothing brands. Although most fashion is tailored towards women, men’s vegan clothing has also been on the rise. Below are some of our favorite vegan menswear brands. We hope you enjoy shopping as much as did.

Unicorngoods who touts the “world’s largest vegan store” has created an amazing list of cruelty-free brands. Within this site you can find a plethora of men’s shoes, clothing, and accessories. Make sure to check out all the options that they have to offer. They also have women and kid’s clothing too.

We just love Brave Gentleman which features a diverse array of clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories This online store (which also has a physical location in Brooklyn) has e got some gorgeous pieces for virtually any occasion.

If you’re looking to keep it casual check out Pact, which specializes in men’s women’s and kid’s casual lounge wear is a great place to find cruelty-free comfortable clothes. Not only are their clothes vegan-friendly, but made from certified organic cotton. They have a ton of options to choose from on their site.

Once it starts to get chilly out, you’ll need to pick up some clothing for the fall and winter months. Save the Duck is a cruelty-free line which caters towards fall and winter clothing. If you’re in need for a vest or jacket, Save the Duck has got you covered.

Noize is a cruelty-free brand which specializes in outerwear for both men and women. They also have a variety of accessories. Their jackets are incredibly stylish and offer a great alternative to the traditional fur of outwear coats. They are also PETA approved!

Wuxly Movement is another cruelty-free outerwear brand stemming from Canada. Carrying both men’s and women’s outerwear, you’ll definitely keep warm!

As you can see there are plenty of cruelty-free brands to choose from. From outerwear to causal clothes, you can definitely have a great wardrobe that is both stylish and vegan-friendly.You can also find plenty of vegan clothing in brick and mortar stores, just make sure to avoid animal ingredients. We hope you find awesome cruelty-free threads.

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