• Nadia Santana

Surviving Quarantine during COVID-19.

Over the last few weeks much of the US, and parts of the world, have been under lockdown due to the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Although this has affected many people, there are multiple essential workers that still need to go to work in order to keep the rest of us safe and healthy. If you are one of these people, know that you work is not in vain, and you are the lifeblood of this country.  That being said, there are millions more quarantined at home trying to make sense of this new normal they are experiencing. From working remotely, to homeschooling children, the lives of millions have been readjusted due to the virus. Although some of you may already be pulling your hair out due to being stuck at home, I encourage you to take advantage of the extra time you have.  Below I've listed a few ways to take care of yourself and survive quarantine during the coronavirus

  • Get outside! I know we are social distancing but it's still important to get outside to breathe the fresh air and also to get exercise. Staying cooped up in your home without seeing the sunlight will likely drive you insane! Getting sunlight will also boost your vitamin D levels which aid in immune support. 

  • Reconnect with your friends and family. If you live alone, it's essential that you get on the phone daily to have contact with other people. If you have FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom etc this is even better as you can video chat with your loved ones. Even if you don't live alone, this is a great time to reconnect with long lost friends and family. I've recently reconnected with some of my old high school friends via weekly Zoom dates and it's been pretty incredible to see my old friends. 

  • Exercise! This is essential to maintaining your sanity. There are a number of free apps available for you download and create a customized exercise routine. There are also free yoga classes such as on www.doyogawithme.com which offer a variety of free classes on their site. 

  • Pick up a hobby. With all this free time available, why not indulge in a hobby that you have previously put off. If you've ever said "I wish I had the time to do...." then this is the time, the time is now!

  • Give back. If you are in a position to help others, it's a great time to give back. It is still possible to be of service even in this time of social distancing.

  • Be easy on yourself. It's ok if you have a freak out moment from time to time. The COVID-19 pandemic is very heavy and very scary. Give yourself the time you need to cry or yell or whatever you need to do, then keep moving forward.  

I know these times are challenging but I believe that you have it in you to make it through successfully. Stay safe!

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