• Nadia Santana

The 4 H's of the coronavirus pandemic

Within the last few weeks the coronavirus pandemic has significantly escalated in our country. You may have seen the dire media reports and perhaps are having a hard time dealing with all this chaos and uncertainty. I can certainly understand this feeling, and have definitely had my low points. However, although times are grim, I wanted share what I call "The 4H's of the coronavirus pandemic" as I think this will help you get through some of the hard times, when everything appears to be falling apart around you.    Stay HOME: First and foremost, if you do not need to leave the house for work or essential items, please stay home. Social distancing (though this should really be called physical distancing as we can still be social!) is really what is going to help this country save many lives. You are staying home not only to protect yourself, but to protect others as well. I've heard people say on social media that they won't social distance as this means they are giving up their freedom. However, I see this as the opposite, when you are social distancing you are not giving up your freedom, you are protecting your future self from a potentially fatal disease. Stay HEALTHY: It is important that you maintain your health, both physically and mentally during this pandemic. My advice is to get plenty of sleep, exercise daily, eat healthy, and take up a mindfulness practice such as meditation. Staying healthy will not only help you fight the virus if you contract it, but will also help build your inner strength to deal with everything that is going on. If you have a lot of down time,  this is also a great time to do some inner exploration and reflection. You are being given the chance to become the best version of yourself, use this time wisely. Stay HOPEFUL: With all the negative stories in the media I know it is very hard to stay hopeful. But this is a must if we are going to make it out of this pandemic. We must not give up hope. This is not the first pandemic to hit the world, and it definitely won't be the last. Maintaining hope that you will get through this will help you on a daily basis. I have a picture of Obama with the word hope on it that I look at daily when I feeling like I'm losing hope. It helps to maintain perspective even in the midst of a storm. Stay HELPFUL:  This crisis has brought me into a place of gratitude for all that I have when I see so many around me losing their livelihoods. I now am asking myself , what can I do to best serve others?  If you have the ability, what can you do for your local community to be helpful for those in greater need than yourself? Helping others has an additional benefit, not only are you serving someone else, but it also helps you to forget some of the chaos that is going on out there. My prayer for you friend is that you are able to make it through this crisis a better and stronger individual than you were before it happened.

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