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Vegan in NYC

Are you looking for vegan spots in the Big Apple? Look no further because we have got you covered!

New York City is known as one of the greatest cities in the world, and rightfully so. Renowned for its world-class dining, theater, buildings, and museums, NYC has it all. Although it may be challenging to find an abundance of vegan-friendly options in certain areas of the country, if you’ve come to NYC, you’ve definitely landed in vegan heaven. New York City is even listed as one of the top ten vegan-friendly cities of the world!

Dining and Drinks

With dozens of restaurants dedicated to veganism and many more with vegan food items on the menu, rest-assured you will find something that suits you in New York!There are so many vegan dining options in New York that they wouldn’t be able to fit here! From cafes to fine dining, New York City definitely has vegan cuisine down to a tee! Although there are many more dining options than those listed below, I’m going to keep the reviews to places where I personally dined.

Peacefood Cafe is a wonderfully eclectic cafe and bakery. Boasting two locations in both uptown and downtown Manhattan, this lovely cafe has an amazing menu and tons of tasty baked goods. FYI no alcohol is served.

Although a bit pricier than the average vegan meal, Candle 79 is definitely worth it. Located in the Upper East Side, this fine dining vegan restaurant serves multiple tasty dishes. Save room for desert as they boast a plethora of delicious treats.

THEP, a Thai restaurant on the Upper East Side has many items which can be made vegan including a vegan Pad Thai. Weather permitting, you can eat outside while enjoying your meal.

La Masa, located in the Morris Park area of the Bronx, is a Columbian restaurant with plenty of vegan options to choose from. Their menu is laden with vegan-friendly possibilities including vegan cheese, vegan arepas and vegan empanadas. They even advertise on their menu and in their restaurant that they are vegan-friendly. How cool is that?!


NYC has some of the best nightlife in the world, and the vegan scene sure does not disappoint. Black Flamingo is a plant-based taqueria and dance club that serves up food and entertainment. Located in Brooklyn, Black Flamingo offers a calendar chock full of events and an abundant Latin American plant-based menu. They are open until 4 am Thursday through Saturday.

If you’re uptown Manhattan check out Pocion Lounge, located in Washington Heights. Boasting a fun cocktail menu and vegan fare, this lounge offers live entertainment as well.


The Bronx Botanical Garden is a great way to spend the day in a calm and tranquil setting within a major metropolitan area. You can explore the many different gardens and exhibits they have to offer. Entry is free on Wednesdays for a grounds-only pass which does not include special exhibits.

Central Park, located in Manhattan is a large sprawling world-famous park with a ton of activities, food, and fun. There are a lot of food carts within the park, though many do not have a lot of vegan options.

While you’re in NYC you can check out a New York Yankees game in the Bronx. You can even find a plethora of vegan treats within the stadium including a vegan burger!


If you’re planning on purchasing food to cook while you’re in New York, you’re in luck as there is a bodega or grocery store on almost every block! Some popular grocery stores include Fairway, Gristedes, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s. You’ll definitely find vegan food at these markets, and chances are you’ll find a few vegan options at the local bodegas and smaller grocery chains as well.


NYC is a hub for amazing food, experiences, and entertainment. NYC offers an abundance of food and activities for all people, including vegans. Make sure to pack clothes for various weather, as the weather in NYC can change drastically from day to day. We hope you enjoy your visit to one of the greatest cities on earth!

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